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Brooks Golf Academy Training Center

Brooks Golf Academy Training Center

Golf is a game that requires a high level of skill, eye-hand coordination, flexibility, mobility, muscular power, timing, strength and endurance. The body's musculoskeletal and metabolic systems must be properly trained and in balance to perform a mechanically sound swing time and time again.


NASM Golf Fitness Specialist and PGA Professional, Todd Russell, will train students on the importance of flexibility training, core training, balance training, plyometric training, resistance training, and cardio respiratory training using the OPT model as the framework for success. A comprehensive fitness assessment for each student will provide a variety of subjective and objective information, including a preparticipation health screening, resting physiologic measurements and a series of measurements to help determine the fitness level and proper training program for each client.


Corrective and performance based training protocols, specific to the sport of golf will be designed and implemented to improve overall conditioning and golf specific performance.


Training Packages
Golf Fitness Training: 1 Session
(Fitness Assessment) - $65.00
10 Sessions - $500.00
20 Sessions - $800.00

Golf Instruction & Fitness Training
10 45-minute golf lessons
10 one-hour fitness training sessions
Club Fitting
Fitness Assessment
10-punch range card

Golf Instruction & Fitness Training
10 45-minute golf lessons
20 one-hour fitness training sessions
Club Fitting
Fitness Assessment
10-punch range card


Private Fitness Training

For private training email
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“By working with Todd Russell, I have learned many different exercises and strength-conditioning drills, and as a result, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my endurance, strength and flexibility. After only 8 sessions, I can golf 9 holes walking and carrying my bag. I’ve even see yardage improvement. These are feats that I haven’t been able to accomplish in over two years. I would highly recommend Todd and the Training Center to anyone who is looking to increase their strength and endurance and improve their overall golf game.” Paul Lamontagne

“After a very thorough fitness assessment, Todd Russell has created a custom program for me that is tailored to work on the areas we have agreed upon, while being considerate of my physical limitations. Each one hour session has been unique, with exercises that are designed to improve my flexibility, balance, and core strength. I feel that I have increased my flexibility and balance since we began, and my core strength has improved. Todd has provided individual instruction, and has been extremely helpful in both demonstrating proper technique and providing positive, supportive coaching. This is my first formal fitness training, and I view it as an extremely valuable long-term investment. I would highly recommend this program for other golfers as well.” Jim Jensen



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NASM Golf Fitness Specialist
Todd Russell
Asst. Golf Professional
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Todd Russell is a PGA Member, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Golf Fitness Specialist, PGA Jr. League Captain and Mentor, Titleist Staff Player, Certified Master Club Fitter and Golf Professional at Springbrook Golf Course.  He has been a PGA Member for 12 years and has worked in the golf business as an Assistant Golf Professional, Head Golf Professional and Director of Golf for the past 18 years.  Todd’s career responsibilities include assisting with daily operations at Springbrook Golf Course, which is owned and operated by the Naperville Park District.  In addition to daily course activities, he instructs more than 700 private and 100 group lessons annually to players of all ages and skill levels.  Todd is passionate about sharing his love of golf with aspiring junior, high school and college level players, giving them the same insight that has been passed on to him throughout his professional career.  In his free time, Todd is passionate about physical fitness, live music and sports, especially his beloved St. Louis Cardinals and hometown Chicago Bulls. 

Teaching Philosophy
Todd’s teaching philosophy is based on learning the proper fundamentals of the grip, stance, posture, ball position and alignment and how these fundamentals affect the overall golf swing.  Once solid fundamentals are developed in the start position then positioning of the full swing can be determined.   One can swing a golf club in many different ways and accomplish the same goals.  If perfection is achieved in the "hitting zone" then a good golf swing has been made.  Todd’s students will identify their expectations and specific goals will be determined from there.  Learning the golf swing is best accomplished by identification, understanding, feeling and repetition.   

Approach to Teaching
From Todd’s perspective, the game of golf is best learned from the cup backwards.  His approach to teaching the game is done by learning the short game first and working back to the tee. “I believe the stroke developed in the short game is built to evolve into the full swing motion as well,” explained. “I do not let beginner students take full swings until a fundamentally solid short stroke can be accomplished.”  Through identification, understanding, feeling and repetition students will build a complete golf game, not just a golf swing. 
Instructor Todd Russell Named a PGA Junior League Golf Captain of the Year