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Superintendent's Blog

Green aerification will be taking place at both courses the week of October 19th and October 26th.  Naperbrook's greens will be done first, on October 19th and 20th, followed by Springbrook's greens on October 26th.  We started the late season green aerification schedule at Springbrook three seasons ago, and have had good success with the process.  Golfers get to enjoy smooth greens with the great weather in September and October, as we wait until the end of October to aerify greens.  The trade off for golfers are greens will be slow to heal as most growth is shut down by now, so the result is the holes remain evident in November and early next spring.  We will topdress heavy when we get close to shutting down for the winter, and that will help to close up the holes in the spring.

Tree removals will be starting soon at both courses.  The Emerald Ash Borer has devastated the Ash population in Northern Illinois, and unfortunately our courses are losing several dozen trees each year, despite our efforts with insecticide treatments.  This fall/winter we will be removing around 20 trees at Naperbrook, and close to 50 trees at Springbrook.  Almost all will be dead or dying Ash trees, except 4-5 Willows at Springbrook that have become a hazard and need to come down.  Most tree capital funds this season will be for tree removal, except for some select screening tree plantings at Naperbrook.  Tree capital funds in 2016 and beyond will begin the process of adding new trees to the courses to replace some of the trees lost in the past few years.   

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